Clarity and transparency

Fees are determined in complete transparency with the client, once we take over the matter.

Determining fees

The fee amount is specified, based on precedent, on the difficulty involved in the matter, the time spent, fees incurred by the lawyer and the end result, in compliance with the ethics rules governing the legal profession.

The firm’s fees are invoiced after the client has accepted an estimate.

Most often, fees will be determined on a flat fee basis.

Certain kinds of matters (particularly in litigation) can nonetheless be subject to hourly billing.

The firm may provide for an additional success fee (with the client’s approval).

Fee Agreements

In the case of a personalized request for assistance, the firm will sign a written fee agreement with the client specifying the amount and method of determining the fees, and covering foreseeable work, as well as costs, disbursements and other expenses.

Contesting fees

In the event the fees of the firm are disputed, the client has the option to take recourse with the President of the Bar and also with a consumer mediator.