Focused on OHADA business law for over 20 years

Founded over 20 years ago as a professional partnership (société civile professionnelle) by two young lawyers who completed most of their studies in law schools in France (at the Universities of Rennes and Bordeaux), today JFC Avocats has twenty lawyers, including 8 partners and several internal and external associates and legal professionals.

Since it was founded, the firm is dedicated to business law (European and OHADA law).

For over 10 years the firm has been regularly ranked by Chambers as the only Mali business law firm in Band 1.


From advisory work to dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation

 JFC Avocats:

  • Assists and advises companies, particularly in connection with advice to investors, companies facing financial distress, and structuring deals in areas key to the business activity of corporations and non-governmental organizations
  • Represents clients in court in business related commercial disputes
  • Acts as an arbitrator or mediator to settle business, commercial and investment disputes

Examples of our work:

Implementing major business projects within local economic, legal and customs communities at the regional, sub-regional and international levels

Supporting clients in relation to globalization, through our expertise of the OHADA legal system and our knowledge of WAEMU,  ECOWAS and European community law, in relation to freedom of settlement and freedom of movement of individuals, goods and merchandise

Assistance to companies and individuals involved in the mining, agriculture, energy, hotel and telecommunications sectors, governed by specific community rights which allow companies to accumulate wealth

Experience in a broad range of sectors

JFC Avocats has acquired extensive and international experience in the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Hotels
  • Automobile (dealerships)
  • Telecommunications
  • Solar Energy
  • Banking and Finance
  • Institutions and Developmental Organizations
  • Transportation
  • Services